Checking, Filling, Flushing, And Maintaining Your Vehicle's Fluids

Whether you drive multiple hours during your everyday work commute, operate buses or food trucks on the road most of your time at work, or only use your vehicle a few times each week, month, or even year, it’s important to maintain sufficient levels of fluids in our vehicles.

Failing to do so can result in permanent vehicular failure, causing you to break down on the side of a road, cause your car or truck to operate unreliably, and shorten its working life.

Keep coolant in your air conditioning system to feel comfortable during warm months. Check before every spring or summer. Engine oil needs to be replaced approximately every 5,000 miles driven. It lubricates the engine’s numerous parts.

Power steering fluid is found in the column directly below your steering wheel. It’s in an opaque container, under the hood, on the driver’s side. Make sure it’s full at all times. Don’t get debris in it, either.

Want assistance in changing your ride’s fluids? Contact us here at John Roberts Nissan, and our service team will be happy to help.

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